I’m convinced that there is a correlation between employers adding value to great buyers, and great buyers adding value to the employer
— Neil Bloomfield (Head of Procurement Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS Trust)


ABA Procurement offer Level 4  Procurement and Supply Apprenticeships, in collaboration with our partners to provide a one stop shop for procurement apprentices.

The Apprenticeship Levy

It has been recognised that there is a vast skills shortage in the Supply Chain and only by investing and upskilling  procurement professionals will growth be facilitated.

As a result, the Apprentice levy can now be used to train new and existing procurement professionals via the Commercial Procurement and Supply Apprenticeship. If you’re a smaller, non-levy paying company you can still be eligible for levy support.

This the Apprenticeship is usually delivered over a 2-year period, where the Apprentice will complete the CIPS Level 4 Diploma course, Category Management skills course, 20% off the job training, and then an End Point Assessment. The End Point Assessment is professionally assessed by CIPS.


ABA's Role in Apprenticeships

As a CIPS Centre of Excellence, ABA provide Apprentices with the training for the CIPS Diploma.

Apprenticeship Partner

We have chosen to partner with Colchester Institute to provide our apprenticeships.
CI look after our apprentices in Norwich, Cambridge, and Colchester.

CI work with us to provide each apprentice an online platform to record their apprenticeship training as well as a business mentor and a procurement mentor; between these two mentors each apprentice will be given the help and guidance needed to achieve their best.

Apprenticeship Locations

Study your apprenticeship with ABA in: Norwich, Cambridge, Colchester, or with an in-company programme.

ABA CI.png


Can my company use the Apprenticeship Levy?

Yes! If you have a turn over of £3M+ then the training funds are covered by your digital account.
If your turnover is under this then you will still only be required to contribute to 10% of the training fees.

Can existing staff use it, or do I need to hire new people?

You can do either. Apprenticeships have changed and are no longer for entry level employees - they emphasize quality, knowledge, and practical skills for both existing and new staff.

Why would I want my staff spending 20% of their time away from work?

Apprentices must to spend 20% of their time ‘off-the-job’, but this doesn’t mean they have to away from your organisation: they are simply required to be doing something which is not considered part of their usual role. You can utilise this by inviting them to help of projects, learn from others, and attend meetings. Their CIPS Diploma study also contributes heavily to this 20%.

How do I sign up?

Simply contact us in the office, and we’ll start the process!