ABA Procurement Mentoring Programme

ABA Procurement Mentoring Programme

Our Mentor Programme gives guidance and support to ABA students from experienced procurement professionals.

This is a unique opportunity for our students to gain experience and a competitive advantage in their career development, whilst giving mentors the opportunity to develop the Procurement People of Tomorrow.

ABA welcomes all Procurement Professionals to become Mentors for our programme.

This section provides information about what you can give, and what you can gain, from the programme.

Our Mentoring Programme is open exclusively to ABA students.

This section provides information about what the programme offers, and it’s importance outside of CIPS study.

‘Donations received from ABA Procurement, will further enable the CIPS Foundation to support a number of UK and International bursaries, in particular to those who are struggling through poverty, hardship and those within the profession who are unable to further their careers due to financial challenges.’

– Dawn Caplin, CIPS Foundation Manager

ABA Procurement are proud to support the vital work of the CIPS Foundation through our Mentoring Programme.