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Management Entry Route

The Management Entry Route (MER) is designed for procurement professionals who are already operating in a senior strategic role within procurement or supply chain management with extensive on-the-job experience.

ABA Procurement offer one to one guidance to work through the requirements of this entry route in which you will be assessed for your experience, knowledge and responsibility through an online questionnaire and a telephone interview.

This is a robust and rigorous process designed for senior professionals in upper management roles, usually with at least five years’ experience at a strategic level, and by working through it with assistance from ABA Procurement can see you reaching MCIPS status within approximately six months.

We chose ABA Procurement to train a member of staff for their CIPS qualification because they have highly skilled tutors, they have a very good proven track record and offered the type of course we were looking for at a reasonable cost. They are approachable and welcoming allowing the student to feel comfortable and fully supported throughout their studies.
— Paula Jarvis (Senior Procurement Consultant Rochford District Council)