Professional Diploma Course Overview

The Professional Diploma in Procurement and Supply is aimed at senior procurement professional’s and heads of department. IT is targeted at building strategic procurement competence, giving managers the ability to formulate strategic direction and advice, in areas such as change management, stakeholder management and team leadership.

CIPS Qualification

Studying with ABA Procurement, you will gain a CIPS Advanced Diploma in Procurement and Supply which is equivalent to a Bachelor (honours) degree, NVQ level 6 (UK)

Blended Learning

ABA Procurement provides a highly effective combination of study centre and home learning, allowing students plenty of time to work with students and well as additional time to absorb and practice what has been learned.

We are able to be flexible with study centre dates to accommodate difficult schedules, providing this is approved by the whole group.


To study for the Professional Diploma it is anticipated that you will need to engage with 250 hours of learning. This would include tutor-led / guided study, homework and research. Additionally we would recommend that you commit 70 hours per unit of self-study, which includes wider reading, revision, and exam preparation.

Entry Requirements

You will need to have achieved the CIPS Advanced Diploma in procurement and supply.

Course Structure


  1. The main leadership skills and behaviours that are appropriate for  improving Procurement and Supply chain management
  2. Create better communication lines to influence personnel involved in a supply chain
  3. Overcoming challenges faced by managers
  4. Main methods to lead change


Corporate and Business Strategy

  1. The concept of strategy in organisations in supply chains
  2. Understanding the main elements of strategy formulation and implementation that impact on supply chains
  3. Implementations of strategies in supply chains
  4. Develop a plan for the development of the supply chain functional strategy


Strategic Supply Chain Management

  1. How strategic supply chain management can support and influence corporate and business
    levels of strategy
  2. Understand how different aspects of supply chain design can influence the supply chain
  3. The main techniques to achieve strategic supply chain management
  4. Create a plan to achieve effective strategic supply chain management


Supply Chain Diligence

  1. Understand the main implications of globalisations on supply chain management
  2. Understand the main aspects of the corporate environment and their impact on supply chains
  3. Understand the main financial aspects that affect supply chain
  4. Understand the main performance measures of the supply chain


Programme and Project Management

  1. Understand the main aspects of major programmes and projects
  2. The main contracting issues for major programmes and projects
  3. Understand the main approaches to the planning of major programmes and projects
  4. Approaches to the control of major programmes and projects


Legal Aspects in Procurement and Supply

  1. The main legal issues that relate to the formation of relationships in supply chains
  2. To interpret and apply implied and express contractual terms that impact on procurement and supply
  3. Main regulations that impact on procurement and supply
  4. Understanding legal implications of contractual non-performance in procurement and supply