Advanced Certificate Course Overview

The Advanced Certificate in Procurement and Supply Operations is designed from people in an operational role who need the capability to carry out procurement and supply tasks. In this level you will develop the knowledge to understand demand management, arrange supply logistics and implement new contracts.

CIPS Qualification

Studying with ABA Procurement, you will gain a CIPS Advanced Certificate in Procurement and Supply which is equivalent to A level, NVQ3, Foundation Studies (UK)

Blended Learning

ABA Procurement provides a highly effective combination of study centre and home learning, allowing students plenty of time to work with students and well as additional time to absorb and practice what has been learned.

We are able to be flexible with study centre dates to accommodate difficult schedules, providing this is approved by the whole group.


To study for the Advanced Certificate it is anticipated that you will need to engage with 150 hours of learning. This would include tutor-led / guided study, homework and research. Additionally we would recommend that you commit a similar number of hours per unit of self-study, which includes wider reading, revision, and exam preparation.

Entry Requirements

There are no prior qualifications necessary to join the CIPS Advanced Certificate in Procurement and Supply.
All you need is a willingness to learn, and an interest in the subject matter.

It can be beneficial to hold the CIPS Certificate in Procurement and Supply, as this level will build upon your prior knowledge.

Course Structure


  1. Understand the role and scope of Procurement and Supply in different economic sectors
  2. Understand market forces that impact on Procurement and Supply
  3. Understand the external environment and its impact on Procurement and Supply



  1. Explain  the main techniques that can achieve added value through procurement operations
  2. Understand the main tasks associated with each stage of the sourcing process
  3. Understand the impact of technology on procurement operations



  1. Understand the workflow involved when making agreements with suppliers
  2. Be able to develop a standard purchase order for goods and services
  3. Be able to interpret data relating to the workflow involved in Procurement and Supply
  4. Understand how to deliver effective customer service to improve workflow in Procurement and Supply


Inventory and Logistics Operations

  1. Understand the main implications of Procurement and Supply inventory
  2. Know the main methods for the storage and movement of inventory
  3. Understand the principles of transportation in logistics



  1. Understand the range of both external and internal relationships in Procurement and Supply
  2. Understand the contribution that marketing makes to develop customer and supplier relationships
  3. Understand the elements of a commercial relationship between Procurement and Supply

CIPS Advanced Certificate Book