ABA is awarded Centre of Excellence


We’re Excellent!

Centre of Excellence

It’s official: ABA is excellent!


Since opening as a training centre in 2012 ABA has had one strategic goal: to obtain Centre of Excellence status. The end of 2017 saw a great deal of hard work in the lead up to the annual education audit, and this was the first year ABA was eligible to apply for Excellence status.


As of January 2018, all that hard work has paid off: ABA Procurement is now a Centre of Excellence. This is a recognition of the outstanding work of the team and their supportive approach to their students, as well as their sustained high performance and continual business growth.


ABA is immensely proud to have achieved this award in 5 years: from taking their first students, relentlessly building a quality proposition for students, expanding to be the only study centre to support students in England, Scotland and Wales, the only study centre to provide students a mentoring programme, and on occasions enjoying ourselves on student nights out.


Last year ABA achieved a 92% first-time pass rate across the three Professional Diploma levels, which is well above the national average. They have continued to enjoy year on year success, due to their unique approach to study, providing all students with the opportunity of a mentor, and through the support of their world-class tutors.

CIPS Centre of Excellence MD

David Pratt, ABA’s Managing Director, said: “we’d like to say a big thank you to all of our students for their continued hard work, to our clients for their support, our tutors for their guidance, the CIPS Branch network for working with us, and most importantly to the office team without whom this would never have been possible.”

If you want to find out more about the ABA’s outstanding training, the exceptional resources we provide, and everything else we offer that allowed us to obtain CIPS Centre of Excellence in the shortest time possible, get in touch today!

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